The Investment Promotion Act in section 16(i) gives the Board of Directors the overall responsibility of the Authority with the Chairman being a Presidential appointee for a period of three years. Other members are representatives of the Government in their various capacities and the Managing Director who is the Secretary to the Board. In its governance, the Board has established four Committees consisting of:

  1. Strategy and Investment Promotion Committee:
    This Committee has the overall mandate to ensure that all investment issues and the core function of KenInvest are maintained at all times. This includes the policy establishment of activities, for example the One Stop Shop to facilitate smooth entry to investors and after-care services. The Committees important task is to ensure the relevance of the strategic plan and sustained achievements of the set goals.
  2. Finance, Human Resource and Administration Committee:
    This Committee has the most difficult task of ensuring that KenInvest maintains and attracts high caliber of human resources. The Committee handles all rationale of recruitment, organizations practices, attitudes, and staff motivation. The new organizational structure and recruitment of the new five General Mangers is a step by the Committee to achieving international standards for KenInvest. The Committee has worked tirelessly for the past two years to ensure that the organization employee and retain only high standard and professional staff.

    This Committee also has the overall mandate to ensure that the budget is justified and adhered to, and that all expenditures are accounted for. They also have the mandate that all quarterly reports are presented in a timely fashion to the Board prior to the same being submitted to the Parent Ministry. All financial policies are discussed in this Committee.
  3. Audit and Governance Committee:
    The Audit Committee has the duty to ensure that audit queries and issues are resolved and communicated to KENAO within the stipulated period. The resent achievement of this Committee was the clean bill of health given to KenInvest by KENAO after a past history of bad performances.
  4. Innovation Committee:

    This committee scope of work is a dynamic and will be informed by analysis of the current state of play with respect to service delivery, investor outreach, communication and technology application. This includes: assisting the Authority to work smarter in communicating effectively to investor, identify innovative processes and tools for better investment promotion and facilitation, developing a knowledge management system, monitoring the innovation indicator in the performance contract and ensuring the Authority continually improves on innovation.

Board of Directors

 1. Ms. Anne Wangari Kirima-Muchoki Chairperson
 2. Dr. Gachao Kiuna Member

Ms. Sanda Ojiambo

 4. Mr. William K. Mahinda Alternate/Member/Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Office of the President
 5. Mr. Fanuel Kidenda Chief Executive, Export Processing Zones Authority
 6. Mr. Wanyambura Mwambia Alternate/Member/PS, The National Treasury
 7. Mr. Samuel Gicheru Alternate /Member/PS, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
 8. Mr. Shadrack Muleli Alternate/Member/PS, Ministry of Devolution and Planning
9. Mr. Augustine Masinde, MBS, EBS Alternate/Member/PS Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning
10. Mr. Peter Biwott Chief Executive, Export Promotion Council
11. Mr. Patrick Nduati, CBS Principal Secretary, State Department for Investment & Industry, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives
12. Mr. Peter Njoka Member
13. Mrs. Esther Bungei Member
14. Mr. Yegon Kiplangat

Alternate/Member/PS, Ministry of Devolution and Planning

15. Mr. Taib A. Taib


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