Kwale County is located in Southern Kenya. Average temperature is 24.2°C while rainfall amounts range between 400mm and 1,680mm per annum. It has 2 Local Authorities (Kwale Town Council and Kwale County Council) Kwale Town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Kwale County

The county is  home to Shimba Hills National Reserve  a small Park it but richly endowed in biodiversity. Hotels in the county  offer both local and international tourists local and international culinary delights.

The county has rich titanium deposits with extraction activities already ongoing. It also hosts  small scale farming especially in the inland areas. A mixture of fruits, vegetables and cereals are grown.

The Monsoon type of climate in the region, that is characterized by hot and dry weather between January and April and cool weather between June and August, is favorable for livestock rearing which is a main activity in certain parts of the county.

Being criss-crossed by rivers and streams some of which are seasonal,  the county has water resources giving the county huge agricultural potential.

Fisheries also play a major role in the economic arena of the county accounting for more than half of the income of households along the coastline of the county

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