Laikipia County lies on the equator predisposing it to cool temperate climates Itcovers an area of 9,462.0 sq Km. It receives annual rainfall varying between 400mm and 750mm and mean annual temperature of between 160C and 260C. The county has 4 Local Authorities (Town Council of Rumuruti, County Council of Laikipia, Municipal Councils of Nanyuki and Nyahururu) Nanyuki Town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Laikipia County

Agriculture dominated by a mix of crop farming and animal rearing to be the area’s major economic activity. The county is known for its production of food crops, horticultural crops and cash crops. The county has vast open ranches that responsible for supplying both beef and dairy products. There is further potential for growth of beef and dairy industries.

Whith diverse wildlife, private wildlife conservation areas and ranches.The county is a popular tourist destination. Opportunities exist in further development of tourist facilities.

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