Machakos is in Kenya’s Eastern province. The local climate is semi arid with hilly terrain. Machakos town is the  administrative capital of the county.

Economy of Machakos County

Subsistence agriculture is practised with Maize and drought-resistant crops such as sorghum and millet being grown.

The County also host to the open air market concept with major market days where large amounts of produce are traded. Fruits, vegetables and other food stuffs like maize and beans are sold in these markets.

It has has beautiful hilly scenery that is perfect for tourist related activities such as camping, hiking safaris, ecotourism and cultural tourism, dance and music festivals among many more. A number of establishments ensure the region has a well rounded hospitality industry.

The county has been selected as the home to the upcoming Konza Technology City due to its close proximity to Nairobi, good infrastructure and availability of land.

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