Mandera County is located in the North Eastern part of Kenya, It covers an area of 25,991.5 sq Km. The county is hot with temperatures at a mean annual average of 28.3 0C. Rainfall is scanty and unpredictable averaging 255mm. The administrative capital of the county is Mandera Town.

Economy of Mandera County

The climate in Mandera County makes the county a perfect place for solar energy harvesting. Long periods of sunshine with minimal cloud cover set the stage for possible future development in the solar power production sector.

Nomadic pastoralism is the major economic activity in this county with camels, goats, sheep and cattle being the main type of livestock reared here. The regions vast pasture lands have allowed this activity to be viable though much more could be done to ensure the county plays its role in the country’s beef and milk production markets.

The main water sources in the region are the River Daua, a number of shallow water wells and a few major earth pans. The region has small scale agricultural production with small scale horticultural producers supplying mangoes, pawpaws, onions, kales and bananas to the local markets. Other crops that can be found are cow-peas and maize.

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