Narok County is located on the South Rift Valley on the north of Tanzania. It covers an area of 17,944 sq km with temperature range of 12 to 28 0C and two rainy seasons with average rainfall range of 500 to 1,800 mm per annum. The county has 3 Local Authorities (Town Council of Narok, County Council of Narok, and County Council of Transmara) Narok Town as is the county capital.

Economy of Narok County

Tourism the largest contributor to the county’s economy as it hosts the Maasai Mara National Reserve famously known as the seventh wonder of the world for the annual wildebeest migration. It hosts a number of luxurious hotels, lodges, clubs and camp sites.

Large and medium scale agriculture is practice with some of the best quality Wheat and Barley being grown in the rich farmlands in the county. The county is home to the Mau Forest one of the most important water towers in Kenya and an important source of water and livelihood to the growing pupulation and the Maasa Mara Ecosystem.

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