Nyandarua County is Located in Central Kenya. It covers an area of 3,245.3 sq km. It has temperature range of 12°C – 25°C. and rainfall of between 700mm and 1,500mm per annum. The county has 2 local authorities  (Ol Kalou Town Council and Nyandarua County Council) Ol Kalou Town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Nyandarua County

Agriculture forms the backbone of the economy of Nyandarua County with farming and livestock rearing in large ranches being extensively practised. Areas close to its highland regions receive high rainfall amaking them suitable for crop agriculture.

The county has good water resources with several rivers such as Malewa, Ewaso Nyiro, and  Pesi passing though the county. It also has potential for underground water harvesting with its permeable and impervious bedrock system.

More Information

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