Nyeri County is located in Central Kenya. It covers an area  of 3,337.1 sq km. Temperatures range between 12°C to 27°C while rainfall amounts range between 550mm and 1,500mm per annum. The county has 4 local authorities (Nyeri County Council, Othaya Town Council, and Municipal Councils of Nyeri and Karatina) Nyeri town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Nyeri County

The county is very agriculturally productive due to its location in the fertile central highlands. Cash crops mainly Tea and Coffee are the major sources of income.
The county has private ranches that supply dairy and beef products. Some of the ranches serve as private wildlife sanctuaries that hosts local and foreign tourists and augment the vibrant tourism sector another contributor to the county’s economy. The nearby Mount Kenya and Aberdare National Park attract a good number of toursts. Facilities and hotels such as The White Rhino, Outspan  and Aberdare Country Club serve this market. However, opportunities exist to further develop tourist facilities.

Due to its large population, commerce thrives in major urban centres in the county

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