Siaya County is in Nyanza Region of Kenya It covers an area of 2,530.5 sq Km . The county  has an annual rainfall of between 1,170 mm and 1,450 mm temperature range of  between 15 -30 0C. It has 7 Local Authorities (Town Councils of Bondo, Ukwala, Ugunja, Yala, county councils of Siaya and Bondo and Municipal Council of Siaya) Siaya town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Siaya County

Siaya County is most famous for being the home county of the father of US President Barrack Obama.


Agriculture and fishing are the main economic activities. Local agricultural production consists of Rice, Cotton, Coffee, Sugarcane, Tobacco, Kales, indigenous greens, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Cassava. Cattle and poultry area also kept.

Lake Victoria supports the vibrant fishing industry. There are a number of fisheries in the County that process fish from the lake. The county enjoys relatively good weather patterns throughout the year two rainy seasons annually.

More Information

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