Taita Taveta County is located in the Coastal region of Kenya, It covers an area of 17,084.1 sq Km. The county experiences an annual mean rainfall of 650mm per annum with temperatures averaging 23 Degree C. It has 3 Local Authorities (Town Council of Taveta, County Council of Taita, and Municipal County of Voi) Wundanyi Town is the administrative headquarters.

Economy of Taita Taveta County

Taita Taveta County has recently seen great developments in its mineral mining sector after traces of iron ore were discovered in 1992. Asbestos, chalk, limestone, gemstones, construction stones and sand are also among the regions minerals portfolio.

The county is known for its large-scale sisal farming with vast sisal plantations covering the area. The county is ecologically diverse with an number of forests hosting a large variety of indigenous and exotic tree species.

It has water resources such as Lake Chala , Lake Jipe amd Mzima springs that supply the coastal region with water. Large parts of the county lie within the Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks some of the country’s popular tourist destinations.

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