Tana River covers an area of 38, 436.9 sq Km. It is situated in a semi-arid area with annual relief rainfall varying between 400mm and 750mm with a mean annual temperature ranging between 300C and 330C. Its Local Authority is the county Council of Tana River. Hola town is the administrative headquarters.

Economy of Tana River County

Farming and nomadic pastoralism are the main economic activities in Tana River County due to the dry conditions and erratic rainfall patterns experienced in the county. The Tana River is a major water resource in the area.

Reverine forest, woodland, grassland, bush lands, lakes, open river channels, sand dunes, mangroves and coastal waters contribute to making Tana River County one of the most ecologically diverse habitats and a tourist attraction in the country.

The county has otential for massive irrigation projects in the Tana River Delta that traverses the county. During the dry seasons the delta provides the perfect grazing grounds for livestock.

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