West Pokot County is located in the Rift Valley. It covers an area of 9,169.4 sq km. Rainfall varies from 400mm to 1,500mm  per annum while temperatures ranges from 10 °C to 30 °C The county has 3 Local Authorities (County Council of Pokot, Chepararia Town Council, and Kapenguria Municipal Council) Kapenguria Town is the administrative headquarters.

Economy of West Pokot County

Communities in West Pokot County practice agro-pastoralism, combining mixed farming with nomadic pastoralism.  One of the main power sources in the country the Turkwel Hydro Power Plant is located in the county.

Tourist attractions include Saiwa Swamp National Park and Prison Museum. There county has  are a number of irrigation project that take advatage of the regions topography and rivers and the Turkwell Dam.

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