Kitui County is located in Eastern Kenya. It covers an  area of  30,496.5 sq km. Temperatures range between 14°C and 34°C while rainfall range from 500mm to 1050mm per annum. The county has 4 Local Authorities (Municipal Council of Kitui, County Council of Kitui, and Town Council) Kitui Town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Kitui County

Agriculture is the main economic activity particularly subsistence farming involving traditional land-use system and a mix of highland agriculture and lowland cattle-grazing. This blends well with the regions climatic conditions.

River Athi is the only perennial river in the county flowing along the border with Machakos County. The county has several dams that play a significant role as a water resources. Springs can be found in the hilly areas of the county while underground water sources supplement surface water sources.

Wholesale and retail markets supliment the subsistence farming as sources of income for the residents of the county. The county has a cotton growing industry with much of it being done at subsistence level however investment in cotton production is an opportunity investors can take advantage of.

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