You Can Now Apply Online for Permits and Passes!

You can now apply online for Entry Passes and Permits, Alien cards, Permanent Residence and for Kenya Citizenship and pay online using mobile money, debit and credit cards at the Kenya electronic Foreign Nationals Services (eFNS) portal . Bankers Cheques are no longer accepted as mode of payment.

After submitting and paying for your application, kindly print Form 25, payment invoice and attach all the other requirements as per the class of permits and passes and submit them through KenInvest for further facilitation at the Immigration Department.

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Kenya has one of the highest literacy rate in the region (90 percent). As at January 2016, Kenya’s Population stood at 47,251,449 of with a working population of over 47.5 percent. Investors have access a large pool of highly qualified professionals in diverse sectors at competitive rates within a very flexible legal framework.

Hiring Expatriate employees

Expatriates are allowed to work in Kenya provided they have an entry permit (work permit) issued under the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act. An applicant for an entry permit needs to describe the work he or she intends to engage in and will be allowed to engage only in that specific activity. Entry permits are usually granted to foreign enterprises approved to operate in Kenya as long as the applicants are key personnel. Any enterprise, whether local or foreign, may recruit expatriates for any category of skilled labour if Kenyans are not available. KenInvest facilitates the acquisition of entry permits for investors

Hiring Local employees

The labour laws of Kenya are embodied in several legislations. The provisions of these legislations include those regarding wages, non-discrimination, harassment, leave, housing, health and welfare, local and foreign contracts of service, the employment of women and youth, termination of contract, and other administrative matters.


Labour Legislation

  • Employment Act 2007
  • Children’s Act No. 8 2001
  • Industrial Training Act
  • Labour Relations Act 2007
  • Work Injury Benefit Act
  • Minimum wage regulations


DocumentIssuing AgencyMore Information
Information employment and labor regulationsPDF (200 KB) KenInvest Download PDF with more details and information on Working and Hiring Employees in Kenya.
Roadmaps to obtaining specific Permits and PassesPDF (346 KB) Ministry of Immigration Kindly consult the ministy of Immigration for update on fees and procedures to obtaining specific permits and passes
Labor laws and regulations Ministry of Labor Detailed information and downloadeable documents (Acts) on labor laws and regulation from the ministry of labour
Applications for Permits and Passes Ministry of Immigration Permits are issued to any Non-Kenyan wishing to engage in employment in Kenya whether in gainful employment or voluntary service.The Entry Permits issued by the Department are classified from A to M inclusive.
Application forms to register for National Social Security Fund KenInvest You can download application forms from the NSSF from here. 
Register and Submit Contributions to the National Hospital Insurance Fund. (NHIF) National Hospital Insurance Fund NHIF registers all eligible members from both the formal and informal sector. For those in the formal sector, it is compulsory to be a member.

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