Wajir County is located in North Eastern Kenya. The county covers an area of 56,685.8 sq Km. It has a mean annual temperature of 28 °C with rainfall amounts ranging between 250mm and 700mm per annum in different parts of the county. The administrative headquarters of the county is Wajir Town.

Economy of Wajir County

The main economic activity in Wajir County is pastrolism with some agro-pastrolism being practised in the Northern part of the county. The large tracts of land in the county provide the grazing pastures for the large camel and cattle herds present in the county.

Rain-fed agriculture is practised on a small scale basis in the higher altitude regions. Groundwater harvesting from numerous wells, earth pans, dams and boreholes is also undertaken due to the high water table.

The county has mineral resources such as limestone and sand. It also has solar and wind energy potential.

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