Busia County is located in western Kenya. It covers an area of 1,695 Sq Km with average temperature of 22°C and between 750mm and 1,800mm of rainfall per annum. The county’s administrative capital is Busia County with 7 local authorities (Municipal Council of Busia, County Councils of Busia and Teso, Town Councils of Funyula, Nambale, Port Victoria, and Malaba)

Economy of Busia County

The county is the main point of entry between Kenya and Uganda accounting for the bulk of trade between the two countries. The presence of Lake Victoria has allowed the residents of this region to practice fishing one of the major economic activities in the county.

Rainfall is moderate throughout the year allowing the County to experience conducive conditions for crop agriculture. Cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, beans, and maize is grown in small scale. The country produce is reasonably priced food items  and is within the county and in other parts of the country.

The large population in the County has endowed it with a large labour force which if exploited well would allow the county to be a major contributor to Kenya’s economy. The county has also seen a boon in the financial and services sector owing the the large population.

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