Elgeyo Marakwet County is located in Rift Valley. The county covers an area of 3,029.8 Sq Km with temperatures ranging between 14°C to 35°C. Rainfall ranges between 400mm and 1,400mm per annum. The administrative centre of the county is Iten town and is represented by 3 local authorities (County Councils of Marakwet and Keiyo, Town Council of Iten-Tambach)

Economy of Elgeyo Marakwet County

Economic activities in the county is characterised by mixed small scale farming and the keeping of cattle for both beef and dairy production. Crop production is mostly done in the highlands.

The county is most notable for its long-standing tradition of producing top athletes who have represented Kenya in many international athletics events.

It is ecologically diverse and is home to a number of forests that are part of the nation’s water towers with seasonal streams that support the development of irrigation and livestock production.

With spectacular views and scenery (home to the Kerio Valley Escarpment, Rimoi Game Reserve and a major sports tourism destination (Iten High altitude training camps)  , The county has huge untapped tourism potental.

Investment Opportunities exist in tourism and development of tourist facilities (Sports tourism, eco-lodges and resorts, Sky diving, hiking etc ) exploitation of forest and mineral resources, Horticultural crops development, livestock farming,  Education, wholesale and retail and  building and construction.

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