Kericho County is located in the Rift Valley. It covers an area of 2,479.0 sq Km with temperatures ranging from 16°C 27°C. Average rainfall range between 1,400 mm and 2,000mm per annum. The county has 6 Local Authorities (Kericho Municipal Council, Kipsigis and Bureti County Councils, Kipkelion, Litein, and Londiani Town councils). Kericho town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Kericho County

Kericho County is renowned for its large tea industry. Its tea is among the best in the world largely due to its good quality, flavour and fragrance. Many large tea companies are based in Kericho County and provide employment opportunities for the county’s people. Subsistence farming is also practiced in the county.

A large part of the Mau forest considered Kenya’s biggest water catchment area lies in the county. The forest gives rise to some of the major rivers that flow out ot it among them the Ewaso Ng’iro River, Sondu River, Mara River and Njoro River. Conservation efforts would see the county contribute water resources to other part of the country enhancing the national efforts of making Kenya water secure.

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