Kisumu County covers an area of 2, 085. Sq Km. it has has an annual relief rainfall between 1200 mm and 1300 mm and a mean annual temperature of 23. 0C and ranges between 20 degrees and 35 degrees. The county has 5 Local Authorities (Municipal Council of Kisumu, County Council of Kisumu, County Council of Nyando, County Council of Muhoroni and Town Council of Ahero) Kisumu Town is the administrative capital.

Economy of Kisumu County

Kisumu County is most known for its association with Lake Victoria the largest lake in Africa.The lake contributes a very large part to the economy of the county since it supports the fishing and fish processing industry the county’s main economic activity. Opportunities exist in further develping this sector for local and export markets.

Agriculture is also a common economic activity with Sugar and rice irrigation industries employing a a good number of its residents There are opportunities for  further investment in this sector.

With attractions such as the Kisumu Museum, the Impala sanctuary, the Hippo Point, Kit Mikaye rock formation and others, Kisumu is a popular tourist destination.

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